AlphaGuard™Extend the Life of Your Batteries!


Alpha: AlphaGuard™

The AlphaGuard installs directly on top of one of the batteries in the string. A wire harness connects the AlphaGuard to each of the batteries in the string. Both 36V (3 battery) and 48V (4 battery) versions are available. One AlphaGuard is required per battery string. The AlphaGuard performs electrical compensation for differences in individual batteries in the string. The unit can be configured to pass measurements from the battery string to a status monitoring device (EDSM card, DOCSIS transponder, etc.) via an interface cable.

    • Extends battery life
    • Replace single batteries, not the entire string
    • Spreads charge voltage equally across batteries
    • Compensates for battery differences as they age
    • Optional status-monitoring communications-interface modules
    • Safe unattended operation designed to CSA C22.2 No. 107.1 and UL 1778 Standards


    AlphaGuard monitors and protects your batteries by spreading the charge voltage equally across all the batteries in the string, ensuring that every battery, whether old or new, is properly charged. With an ideal voltage always across each battery, life and runtime are optimized. Individual batteries in a string can be replaced as they fail, allowing batteries to be left in service longer. This stops the wasteful and costly practice of replacing batteries based on scheduled maintenance programs or disposing of batteries that may have years of useful life left because one battery has failed.