FXM350A Rugged 350W/VA UPS Module


Alpha: FXM350 Rugged UPS Module

350W/VA UPS module designed to operate in extreme environments and provide maximum flexibility while ensuring critical loads remain protected and running during power outages and other power disturbances


    Alpha FXM is a line of rugged UPS power modules used worldwide in the most demanding environments where clean backup power is needed. Designed to perform in the most extreme and demanding environments. Alpha FXM units ensure equipment in security, communications, traffic, industrial environments and many other critical applications remains safe and protected from power disturbances. Thanks to its powerful programmable battery charger, the FXM is capable of providing the runtime you need. All FXM models are available in 120Vac and 230Vac. *Ethernet SNMP card is standard on the 120Vac model and optional on the 230Vac model