FC Series Thermal Vehicle Detection SystemGet the best image detail and optimal intrusion detection in challenging imaging environments


FLIR FC Series Infrared Traffic Camera

A drop-in replacement for legacy video cameras, FC-Series thermal cameras are the most accurate, cost-effective solution on the market today and come with all of the features you expect.


The FC-Series of thermal cameras is a direct replacement for your legacy video cameras and works with your existing processor so you can get more accurate detection, improved data collection and safer operations without having to change the rest of your system or spend money training your operators on a new system. Thermal cameras outperform other detection technologies by detecting the heat signatures given off by everything in their field of view, 24/7. Because they see heat, not light, they don’t get confused by the sun glare, darkness, headlights, shadows, wet streets, snow and fog like video cameras do. Detection systems using thermal cameras have dramatically fewer false and missed calls, enable better signal timing and more efficient traffic flow with increased safety than any other technology. Plus thermal cameras also detect the heat from cyclists, pedestrians and animals faster and more reliably.