C-Walk Pedestrian Detection SystemA pedestrian presence sensor that combines a CMOS camera and video detector all in one


FLIR: C-Walk

TrafiCam C-Walk is an integrated camera and detector for pedestrian presence detection at signalized intersections and mid-block crossings.

TrafiCam C-Walk is a cost-effective and reliable solution that combines the benefits of video detection with state-of-the-art CMOS sensor technology.

    Key Functionalities
    • Detection of Walking Pedestrians (Output Generation)
    • Pedestrian Detection at Intersection and Mid-Block Crossings
    Key Benefits
    • All-in-One Sensor (Camera + Detector)
    • Above Ground Installation
    • Accurate Zone Positioning
    • Directional Detection Zones
    • MPEG-4 Streaming Video
    • IP-Addressability
    • Reliable Detection 24/7
    • Cost Effective Solution
    • Field Proven Pedestrian Detection Algorithm


    The main goal of TrafiCam C-Walk is to improve pedestrian protection as the pedestrian crosses the street (e.g. at zebra crossing near schools). By tracking crossing pedestrians and, at the same time, by managing and controlling traffic lights more dynamically, this intelligent sensor also reduces unnecessary delays to motorists.

    TrafiCam C-Walk is an IP-addressable video detection camera. Streaming video at full frame rate is available via Ethernet for system and traffic monitoring. Users can configure, view and control the system both on-site and remotely.

    The system setup is quick-and-easy: a user-friendly PC tool allows connecting to all TrafiCam C-Walk devices on the network. A camera image is available for accurate and fast positioning of the presence detection zones. Making the system operational is done in only a few minutes. No specialist knowledge is required.