SafeWalk Pedestrian Detection SystemA 3D Stereovision Technology for Pedestrian Presence Detection


FLIR: SafeWalk

SafeWalk integrates 3D stereovision technology for pedestrian presence detection at any type of pedestrian crossing. Stationary pedestrians waiting and/or those moving in the designated zone will generate a detection output with additional occupancy volume information.

SafeWalk is available in 2 versions ETH or BPL for stand-alone or centralized traffic control systems.

    Key Functionalities
    • Detection of pedestrians waiting to cross the road
    • Detection of approaching pedestrians intending to cross the road
    Key Benefits
    • All-in-One Sensor (Camera + Detector)
    • Above Ground Installation
    • Accurate Zone Positioning
    • Stereovision 3D Technology
    • MPEG-4 Streaming Video
    • IP-Addressability
    • Reliable Detection 24/7
    • Field Proven Pedestrian Detection Algorithm


    The main goal of SafeWalk is to improve pedestrian operations and safety at traffic signals. By detecting waiting pedestrians and, at the same time, by managing and controlling traffic lights more dynamically, this intelligent sensor reduces unnecessary delays to both pedestrians and motorists.

    This above-ground sensor is designed to view a detection zone adjacent to the pole to which it is mounted. Stationary pedestrians or those moving in the designated zone waiting to cross a roadway will generate a detect state 24/7 in urban conditions.

    The sensor housing is built with fiber reinforced UV-resistant polycarbonate to withstand the toughest environmental conditions. The mounting bracket contains an integrated connection box for wiring and connecting of the sensor

    The stereovision video image processing technology is used for the detection and monitoring of pedestrians who are waiting to cross the street within a user definable zone. As soon as a pedestrian enters a predefined detection zone (“virtual loop”), a detection output is provided to the traffic light controller, enabling the software to activate the green time for the pedestrian.

    The SafeWalk can hold the red time for pedestrians for as long as there is no pedestrian presence, making traffic flow more fluent and efficient.

    Configuration of the sensor is done via portable PC with pre-installed user-friendly SafeWalk software. Configuration takes less than five minutes and can be performed by any user – no specialist knowledge is required.

    Using camera images (JPEG snapshot), virtual pedestrian detection zones can be positioned accurately. Verification and viewing of the detection is possible via MPEG-4 streaming video.