TrafiCam X-StreamIntelligent vehicle presence sensor with H.264 compression


FLIR: TrafiCam X-Stream

TrafiCam x-stream is an integrated camera and detector offering vehicle presence detection and traffic data collection with video compression up to H.264.

    • Vehicle Presence Detection at Intersections
    • Stop Bar and Advance Detection
    • Data Collection
    • Flow Monitoring
    • Queue Detection


    TrafiCam x-stream offers detection and monitoring of moving and stationary vehicles at signalized intersections. Via detection outputs or via IP protocol, vehicle presence information is transmitted to the traffic controller so that signal timing can be adjusted dynamically. This results in reduced waiting time, improved traffic flow and less pollution.

    TrafiCam x-stream is also a cost effective solution for traffic data collection, queue detection and traffic flow monitoring on highways and inter-urban roads. It can be used for temporary or permanent applications. The system setup is quick-and-easy: just use the set-up software to connect to all TrafiCam x-stream devices on the network and position your virtual detection zones fast and accurately. Your system is operational in a few minutes’ time.

    A web interface allows TrafiCam x-stream users to manage their video sources online. Video streams in multiple video stream formats can be presented without the need to install any local software. TrafiCam x-stream supports dual video streams, which allows you to choose between low or high video quality, depending on the available bandwidth.

    TrafiCam X-Stream Accessories

    • TI X-Stream – TrafiCam Interface X-Stream +

      The TrafiCam x-stream devices are mounted on a pole in an overhead or side-fired position towards the road (for presence detection) or upcoming traffic (for traffic data collection). TI x-stream is placed in the controller cabinet and serves as the interface between up to 4 TrafiCam x-stream devices and the traffic light controller.

      The PC is connected to the TrafiCam x-stream devices via TI x-stream. This connection, on site or remote, allows you to set up the system or view streaming video from the TrafiCam x-stream.

      Optionally, you can use a TI xp expansion board: It provides up to 32 extra outputs to the system (16 outputs per board, maximum 2 boards) and also It allows you to use up to 8 TrafiCam x-stream devices in a system.

    • TrafiCam Sun Shield +

      The sunshield is an optional item to be ordered separately (part number 20-6091). It allows you to protect the lens from direct or indirect sunlight. This is typically the case for narrow angle systems having a fairly horizontal view.

      The sun shield also has a thermal function. As sunshine is captured by the shield, there is a natural circulation of cooler air between the sun shield and the TrafiCam housing, which results in a lower housing temperature.

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