VIP3D.1 & VIP3D.2 Detection BoardsField-Proven Vehicle Presence Detection & Data Collection


FLIR: VIP3D.x Detection Board

VIP3D.x is a video detection solution that provides vehicle presence information to the intersection controller. VIP3D.x s integrates vehicle presence detection and traffic data collection in one module and provides a cost effective and powerful solution for intersection control.

    • Instant operator warning, logging and recording of events, data and video sequences
    • On-board digital recording of pre- and post- incident video sequences
    • Extensive interfacing and reporting capabilities
    • Field-proven video detection experience
    • Fast and reliable 24/7
    • Easy to install, trouble-free system integration
    • High lifetime, low power, easy maintenance


    As a single slot module, VIP3D.x s plugs into all standard cabinet racks. The VIP3D.x s module interfaces directly to the controller via cable connected outputs. VIP3D.X s can also interface with a TS2 controller using SDLC (via BIU and Traficon®’s VIEWCOM/E s). Any zone can be assigned to any of the 64 available TS2 detection channels.

    Configuration of VIP3D.x s is straightforward, a PC is not required. The technician connects a video monitor for a user-friendly setup with visualization of zone positioning and detection. Zones for stop bar or advance presence detection can be combined logically to the failsafe outputs.

    VIP3D.x s provides all relevant traffic data and distinguishes between 5 levels of service for flow monitoring. VIP3Dx s emulates traditional double or single loop detectors.

    • The VIP-3D.2 monitors two cameras and provides up to 20 presence detection zones.
    • The VIP-3D.1 monitors one camera and provides up to 24 presence detection zones.