VIP-T Video Detection and Digital Encoding BoardField-Proven Automatic Incident Detection, Traffic Data Collection and Vehicle Presence Detection


FLIR: VIP-T Video Detection and Digital Encoding Board

VIP-T is a multi-functional Video Image Processing module for traffic control. VIP-T integrates automatic incident detection, data collection, presence detection, digital recording of pre and post incident image sequences and streaming video in one board.

    • Multi-functional video detection board for analog cameras
    • Instant operator warning, logging and recording of events, data and video sequences
    • On-board digital recording of pre- and post- incident video sequences
    • Extensive interfacing and reporting capabilities
    • Field-proven video detection experience
    • Fast and reliable 24/7
    • Easy to install, trouble-free system integration
    • High lifetime, low power, easy maintenance


    With VIP-T, FLIR continues its reference role in video detection solutions for traffic control. The image processing algorithms from FLIR result in highly reliable systems with fast detection. The VIP-T system provides a powerful and cost-effective solution for a wide range of traffic management applications, such as rerouting, travel time calculation or dynamic speed indication.

    VIP-T has been developed to deliver automatic incident detection in tunnel or outdoors, traffic data collection or vehicle presence detection in combination with streaming video over IP for centralised and decentralised systems. Its open architecture and modular setup provide you with a scalable and expandable system.

    Video images from standard cameras serve as the input for VIP-T. Different image processing algorithms run in parallel in order to deliver a multi-functional detector board. VIP-T allows selecting the required functions, depending on the application or relating to (the limitations of) the camera position.

    The result is a scalable and easily upgradeable system where the video detection functions and MPEG-4 compression can be used independently to receive relevant traffic data and incident detection information for state-of-the-art traffic supervision and management. VIP-T generates relevant traffic data and incident detection information for traffic supervision or management. The analysis of the camera image results either in traffic data or in an event when an incident is detected. VIP-T also gives non-traffic events and technical alarms.