Sensys Contact Closure CardsContact Closure Cards for the Sensys Wireless Vehicle Detection System


Sensys: CC & EX Contact Closure Cards

The Master (CC) and Expansion (EX) cards of the VDS240 Wireless Vehicle Detection System can be used in the following traffic controllers:

  • Type 170
  • Type 2070 ATC

With up to four optically isolated contact closure relays, channel status is configurable when using a TS2 controller. If more channels are required, up to 63 EX cards can be daisy-chained to the CC card front panel via RJ45 connector or by rewiring the backplane.

  • Easy installation — plugs directly into input file or detector rack without adapter
  • Supports up to four channels per card
  • Pulse, presence, delay and extension modes


The Sensys Networks VDS 240 Wireless Vehicle Detection System uses pavement-mounted magnetic sensors to detect the presence and movement of vehicles. The magneto-resistive sensors are wireless, transmitting their detection data in real-time via low-power radio technology to a nearby Sensys Networks access point that then relays the data to one or more local or remote traffic management controllers and systems.

The Sensys Networks VDS240 Wireless Vehicle Detection System can be used with Type 170, NEMA TS1, NEMA TS2 or Type 2070ATC traffic controllers by installing one or more Sensys Networks contact closure cards into a detector shelf of the controller and connecting them to one or more Sensys Networks access points. The Sensys Networks Master (CC) and Expansion (EX) contact closure cards support this traffic controller interface, converting the real-time detection signals of the Sensys Networks wireless sensors supported by a access point into contact closure signals to the traffic controller.

Each CC and EX card provides one, two, three or four channels, where each channel comprises an optically isolated contact closure relay and, if configured for TS2 operation, an additional contact closure relay to indicate the channel status. If the sensors supported by an access point require more than the four channels of a CC card, as many EX cards as required (up to 63) can be daisy-chained to the CC card, either via front-panel RJ45 jacks or via rewiring of the backplane connections. Multiple cards may also be needed if the traffic controller shelf has pre-defined functions or phases for each slot.

Each wireless sensor can be mapped to its own individual channel or up to 15 wireless sensors can be mapped to a single channel to effectively “OR” the sensor signals together so that if any of them detect a vehicle, the contact closure relay for that channel will close. In this way, a Sensys Networks VDS 240 Wireless Vehicle Detection System can be easily configured in the same way that inductive loops are configured to interface with a traffic controller.