Polara 4-Wire EZCOMM Navigator (APS) SystemProven Single Stand Alone Accessible Pedestrian System


Polara: 4-Wire EZCOMM System (APS)

The 4-wire Navigator is for intersections that do not have buttons (or existing button wiring). As long as there are ped-heads, you can install the 4-wire Navigator and have most of the features of the 2-wire system.

The 4-wire Navigator can also be used at actuated intersections. Rather than having a control unit in the traffic control cabinet, a power conversion unit installs into each ped head. A 4-wire cable is then run from the ped head control unit to the corresponding push button station.

  • Single Stand Alone System
  • No equipment installed in Cabinet. Push Button Station runs from Ped Head via Control Unit & Cable connected directly from the Ped Head to the PBS
  • No Button Wires needed (Great for pre-timed/non-actuated systems)
  • Ambient noise controlled locator tone
  • Easy to activate 2" ADA button with raised arrow
  • High quality digital audio messages
  • Automatic volume adjustment to ambient noise levels
  • Vibro-tactile walk phase indication
  • Meets and exceeds ADA, MUTCD, TAC and PROWAAC guidelines

4-Wire EZCOMM Accessories

  • PHCU4W – Ped Head Control Unit for 4-Wire Navigator +

    Polara’s 4-Wire Navigator and 4-Wire EZ Communicator Push Button Stations require a control unit in the pedestrian signal head to convert the 120VAC WALK and DON’T WALK signals to isolated low voltage DC signals and DC power. The PHCU4W-M has a separate set of isolated inputs (MUTE) which are used to silence all sounds from the Push ButtonStation. A PHCU4W-M may be used as a direct replacement for a PHCU4W, leaving the MUTE inputs unconnected. The PHCU4W (without Mute) does not have the terminals at the MUTE position, and is not capable of performing the Mute function.
  • ECONFIG – EZCOMM Navigator Configurator +

    The EZCommunicator Navigator Configurator (ECONFIG) is a hand-held remote used for configuring a Navigator 2 Wire System or individual 4 Wire Navigator Push Button Stations (PBS). Just stand a few feet in front of a PBS, point the Configurator at the PBS, turn it on and select your options. The Configurator communicates via infrared with the PBS (and CCU of 2 Wire system). The EConfig is compatible with the N2 and N4 Navigator systems as well as the new EZCommunicator EN2 and EN4 Navigator systems. One Configurator is all you need for maintaining multiple intersections. All of the configuration options in the CCU and PBS are set with the Configurator. The beauty of the Navigator system is its interactive operation. For example, if you select one of the optional Locate Sounds, you hear your choice as you select it. When adjusting volume levels, you hear the level you select. After configuring the features you want, you can upload your choices to just that PBS or to all of the Push Button Stations on the entire intersection with a single button push. The EConfig also has the capability of saving 4 user defined configuration sets and has 3 factory-default configuration sets. (Access is password protected to prevent unauthorized changes.)
  • Sign Options +

    A variety of MUTCD & ADA-compliant signage is available depending on your needs and specific applications.

    Option A


    Option B


    Option C


    Option D

  • EZ510 – EZCOMM USB Security Box +

    EZ510 USB Security Box is a small and light weight programming tool with dual USB ports. It may be used with any EZ Communicator product to easily update product software, audio sounds, or configuration. The EZ USB Security Box has a “Knockdown” function for emergency situations when audio and configuration files may not be available. With a properly formatted USB Flash Drive, the audio sounds and configuration of an EZ Communicator Push Button Station (EPBS) may be copied to the USB Flash Drive and then downloaded to a second EPBS.
  • EZ410 – EZCOMM 4-Wire Setup Box +

    The Setup Box is a special tool which provides a convenient method of operating one or two Polara EZ Communicator 4-Wire Navigator Push Button Station(s) (ENAV4 PBS) in a bench top environment, where they can be setup and tested before installation on the street. The Setup Box simulates the operation of a standard pedestrian signal head with Walk and Don’t Walk signals feeding the ENAV4 PBS.

    There are two operating modes. Manual Mode allows push-button control of Walk, Clearance, and Don’t Walk intervals, while Automatic Mode cycles continuously through the three intervals.

    Connection to the Navigator(s) is made via a 4 position terminal block.

  • 15 Watt External Speaker +

    The SHX-51 is a patented indoor/outdoor, self-contained, 8 ohm, 15 watt speaker. The full featured speaker consists of a light weight, rust proof, aluminum die-cast housing and dual-action plunger switch for tamper supervision for a normally closed loop.

    The SHX-51 series comes completely assembled and ready for installation. It is ideally suited for noisy and busy intersections where high quality and high output sound is required.

  • ENAV-SB – EZCOMM Sound Baffle +

    ENAV-SB EZ Communicator Sound Baffle is a small external plastic part used to re-direct the sound from the EZ Communicator resulting in a 10dBA difference between the right side and left side of the unit. It is effective in situations to reduce the sound to the building line while not reducing the sound to the pedestrians in the cross walk.

    Installation is easy, the ENAV-SB simply snaps into the speaker grill.

  • EZCOMM 4-Wire Cable +

    The EZCOMM 4-Wire Push Button Stations (PBS) require a cable to be wired from the PBS to the Ped Head Control Unit (PHCU4W). Which, in turn, is wired to the Ped Head WALK and DON’T WALK lights. A 4 Wire Cable (Belden 8489 or equivalent) must be routed between each EN4 PBS. This cable is not supplied with the EN4 PBS, but is available separately in pre-cut 12 ft. and 20 ft. lengths with both ends stripped.
  • EZ520 – Color Pack +

    The EZ520 Color Pack is a bundle of the required parts needed to change the Front Cover color of an EZComm Navigator PBS base unit. This Color Pack works for both 2 and 4 Wire systems. The Color Pack consists of the Lid Assembly, Small Cover, and bagged Hardware. Simply take the button arrow diaphragm from the original color lid and install it into the Lid Assembly of the Color Pack, install the Lid Assembly and Small Cover onto the base unit and you are ready to go. If the unit has a 9x12 or 9x15 faceplate, the coordinating back plate must be purchased separately.

  • EZ521 – EZCOMM Navigator Bottom Cover with Conduit Fitting +

    Mounting an EZ Communicator Navigator Push Button Station (EPBS) onto a solid surface requires using an EZ521 Bottom Cover with Conduit Fitting. This permits the field installer to easily connect the wiring to the EPBS. The EZ521 works with both the 2-wire and 4-wire versions of EPBSs. All hardware and instructions necessary to connect to standard flexible conduit is supplied with the EZ521.
  • EZ523 – EZCOMM Navigator Push Button Station (EPBS) Mounting Extender +

    The EZ Communicator Navigator Push Button Station (EPBS) Mounting Extender (Extender) is intended to mount a Polara EPBS 6” or 12” away from the traffic pole, in order to position the EPBS closer to the start of the crosswalk. EPBS wires are routed inside of the channel to protect them against vandalism. Extender can be bolted or banded to the traffic pole.
  • NPA4X2-X – Adapter for mounting two 9x12 Navigators on a 4” pole +

    This adapter is designed to offset two Navigators on a 4” diameter pole so that two 9” x 12” signs can be mounted without conflict. One adapter is needed behind each Navigator. The adapters can either be strapped or bolted to the pole. For bolting, holes are provided to match 6” spacing of most push button signs or spacing for Pelco 5” x 7” frames if these types of frames were previously mounted. Adapter is fully compatible with EZComm Navigators.
  • Sign Plate Frame Adapters +

    Polara Engineering’s 9” x 12” and 9” x 15” Push Button Frame Adapters are designed to be attached to Polara’s PBF5X7-X Push Button Frame, for mounting a 9” x 12” or 9” x 15” crosswalk signs. These adapters can also be used on 2 wire and 4 wire Navigators. Their aluminum structure and powder coat finish provides a very strong and attractive mount for crosswalk signs.
  • Screws & Bits +

    Vandal Proof Screws
    • PXSSPS – 3/8" Screws SS for Navigator Signs (set of 4)
    • PXSSSPS – 1" Screws SS vandal proof (set of 4)
    Tamper Proof Tool Bit
    • PXSPBIT – Spanner Tool Bit for vandal proof screws
    • 1