MaxTimeAward winning controller software!


Intelight MaxTime: Traffic Controller Software

Using the Linux platform, Intelight’s award winning MaxTime local controller software was built directly from the current NTCIP, NEMA, MUTCD and FHWA (including NTCIP v2.06 and ATC v5.2) standards as opposed to adapting older software to the newer standards. In addition to establishing the most complete NTCIP compliant Linux based platform in the industry, MaxTime has been intuitively designed with logical menu structures and providing built in user functions that typically require complex logic strings or modified controller operations. Contact Tacel today to see how MaxTime can help update your signal operations system to 21st century technology.


  • Monitor and configure timings wirelessly from a laptop, tablet or smart-phone without database editor or 3rd party software
  • Runs on Linux O/S (Partial Support on OS-9)
  • Supports Serial and/or Ethernet Communications
  • 40 Phases, 16 Rings, 20 Sequences, 32 Overlaps
  • 10 Phase Tables, 10 Detector Tables (Select by TOD)
  • Built-In Master/Closed Loop Functionality
  • Peer to Peer communications
  • Locally Adaptive Transit Prioritor
  • Full NTCIP MIB Supplied with Software License
  • Preconfigured or User Defined Cabinet Support (332, 336, TS-1, TS-2, ITS)