2070ATC Controller34X / 33X / 170 Style Traffic Signal Controller


Intelight: 2070ATC Controller

The 2070LDX Controller is part of Intelight’s award winning “X-Series” CalTrans/170/33X Controller Line.

    • Configurable for 170, 170E, 2070, NEMA TS-1, TS-2 Type -2 Parallel Interfaced Cabinet Applications
    • Also Configurable for NEMA TS-2 Type 1 and ITS Serially Interfaced Cabinets Applications
    • High Performance 60+ MIPS CPU Module in a 2070 Standard 2X form factor
    • 16MB DRAM, 8MB FLASH and 1MB non-volatile SRAM Memory configured and managed per ATC Standards
    • Heavy Duty Model 2070-4A Power Supply


    The 2070LDX meets and exceeds the current ATC, CalTrans and NTCIP standards providing agencies with a robust, industry leading, true open architecture hardware platform. The LDX runs Linux on a PowerPC motherboard offering speed, performance and multi-thread capabilities for today and the future. The layout of the ports provides front-facing access of the Ethernet ports, USB and serial connections. The 2070LDX includes a large backlit 16x40 LCD screen.