X-1L ControllerModern NEMA TS-2 Type 1 & 2 Traffic Signal Controller


Intelight: X-1L Controller

The X-1L Controller is part of Intelight’s award winning “X-Series” NEMA Controller Line.

    • Compliant with NEMA TS-2 and ATC 5.2b Standards
    • Linux Operating System
    • Faster Processor and More Memory
    • Allows for 3rd Party Software Development
    • TS-1 and/or TS-2 Operation
    • Supports Serial and/or Ethernet Communications


    The X-1L meets and exceeds the current ATC, NEMA and NTCIP standards providing an advanced, cost competitive solution to legacy signal controllers. Equipped with Intelight’s award winning MaxTime traffic signal controller software, this modern traffic signal controller provides equivalent functionality to legacy controllers with the increased usability and added benefits such as an on-board web-server, database backup via USB flash drives and advanced MOE analysis. Contact Tacel today to see how the X-1 Controller can help update your signal operations system to the 21st century technology.