X-3 ATC ControllerThe Latest Advancement in Traffic Signal Controller Technology!


Intelight: X-3 Controller

The X-3 Controller is latest addition to Intelight’s award winning “X-Series” NEMA Controller Line.

    • Compliant with NEMA TS-2 and ATC 5.2b and 6.2 (latest draft) Standards
    • Linux Operating System
    • Optional Color Touch Screen with Android O/S (X3c)
    • Two Independent 10/100 Mbit Network Cards
    • TS-1 and/or TS-2 Operation (Requires Type 2)
    • Supports Serial and/or Ethernet Communications
    • ATC / 2070 Hardware Expansion Bay for Device Integration
    • MaxTime Local Controller Software
    • 40 Phases, 16 Rings, 32 Overlaps, 16 Preempts
    • Monitor and configure timings wirelessly from a laptop, tablet, or smart-phone without database editor or 3rd party software
    • Built-In Master/Closed Loop Functionality
    • Peer to Peer communications
    • Locally Adaptive Transit Prioritor


    The X-3 Controller is part of Intelight’s award winning “X-Series” NEMA Controller Line. The X-3 meets and exceeds the current ATC, NEMA, and NTCIP standards providing agencies with a robust, industry leading, true open architecture hardware platform. The X-3 can help agencies organize and improve operations and reduce the amount of equipment in the signal cabinet. Use the X-3 to manage Ethernet traffic, monitor CCTV or Detection camera video, enter cabinet and maintenance logs directly into the controller (syncs with Central), and integrate with other products via android applications, all while running traffic signal operations. Contact Tacel today to see how the X-3 Controller can help update your signal operations system to 21st century technology.