GE's GTx VLA LED Signal ModulesFlexibility to the power of x.


GTx VLA Model LED Signal Modules

With the introduction of the all new GTx VLA LED traffic signal, GE Lighting Solutions is signaling its commitment to a whole new way of thinking about LED traffic signals. LED signals that are the precursors to a new era of value added flexibility, power savings and ease of installation.

    • 8-inch (200mm) and 12-inch (300mm) modules
    • Up to 90% energy efficiency over incandescent
    • Up to 15% energy efficiency over GE's previous LED signal generations
    • Provides LED degradation compensation
    • Multiple step and gradual dimming configuration (optional)
    • Mask compatible
    • Intertek ETL Verified compliant
    • GE quality and reliability


      Demanding traffic signal applications require constant reliability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Replacing incandescent signals with high-efficiency, long-life LED systems from GE facilitates dramatic energy and maintenance cost savings. Keyed to various industry or country-specific standards, our complete line of LED traffic signal balls, arrows and pedestrian signals are designed for both OEM and retrofit applications. Bring an element of beauty, with safety and energy efficiency, to your streets with GE LED traffic signals.

      GTx VLA LED signals feature a micro-controlled power supply that lets the customer define their signal's basic character.

      Dimming? Yes. Fault Logging? Yes. But the customization doesn't stop there. GTx VLA LED signals will also feature option boards that will work with the power supply to permit a host of new functionality. So when it comes to both your current and future needs, GTx is ready!