C-Walk Pedestrian Detection SystemA pedestrian presence sensor that combines a CMOS camera and video detector all in one


FLIR: C-Walk

TrafiCam C-Walk is an integrated camera and detector for pedestrian presence detection at signalized intersections and mid-block crossings.

TrafiCam C-Walk is a cost-effective and reliable solution that combines the benefits of video detection with state-of-the-art CMOS sensor technology.

    Key Functionalities
    • Detection of Walking Pedestrians (Output Generation)
    • Pedestrian Detection at Intersection and Mid-Block Crossings
    Key Benefits
    • All-in-One Sensor (Camera + Detector)
    • Above Ground Installation
    • Accurate Zone Positioning
    • Directional Detection Zones
    • MPEG-4 Streaming Video
    • IP-Addressability
    • Reliable Detection 24/7
    • Cost Effective Solution
    • Field Proven Pedestrian Detection Algorithm