SafeWalk Pedestrian Detection SystemA 3D Stereovision Technology for Pedestrian Presence Detection


FLIR: SafeWalk

SafeWalk integrates 3D stereovision technology for pedestrian presence detection at any type of pedestrian crossing. Stationary pedestrians waiting and/or those moving in the designated zone will generate a detection output with additional occupancy volume information.

SafeWalk is available in 2 versions ETH or BPL for stand-alone or centralized traffic control systems.

    Key Functionalities
    • Detection of pedestrians waiting to cross the road
    • Detection of approaching pedestrians intending to cross the road
    Key Benefits
    • All-in-One Sensor (Camera + Detector)
    • Above Ground Installation
    • Accurate Zone Positioning
    • Stereovision 3D Technology
    • MPEG-4 Streaming Video
    • IP-Addressability
    • Reliable Detection 24/7
    • Field Proven Pedestrian Detection Algorithm