VIP-T Video Detection and Digital Encoding BoardField-Proven Automatic Incident Detection, Traffic Data Collection and Vehicle Presence Detection


FLIR: VIP-T Video Detection and Digital Encoding Board

The FLIR VIP-T is a multi-functional Video Image Processing module for traffic control. VIP-T boards process video input from analog cameras for automatic incident detection, data collection, recording of pre and post incident image sequences and streaming video (MPEG-4). VIP-T boards have been installed for road and tunnel projects all over the world.

    • Multi-functional video detection board for analog cameras
    • Instant operator warning, logging and recording of events, data and video sequences
    • On-board digital recording of pre- and post- incident video sequences
    • Extensive interfacing and reporting capabilities
    • Field-proven video detection experience
    • Fast and reliable 24/7
    • Easy to install, trouble-free system integration
    • High lifetime, low power, easy maintenance