VSN240 Wireless Flush-Mount SensorA Flush-mount sensor with a state-of-the-art Magnetometer


Sensys: VSN240 Wireless Flush-Mount Sensor

Sensys Networks Wireless Flush-Mount Sensors combine a state-of-the-art magnetometer and a low-power radio in a small, hardened plastic case suitable for installation directly in the pavement.

    • 3-axis magnetometer for vehicle detection
    • Superior accuracy
    • Exceptional reliability
    • Flush-mount in-pavement installation with no wires or lead-in cabling
    • Fast & Simple installation and deployment reduces road closures and worker exposure
    • Extremely long battery life – average of 10 years
    • Reliable 2-way radio communications with access point
    • Can be readily deployed where other systems cannot be used
    • Re-usable and remotely upgradeable
    • Capable of over 300 million detections
    • Impervious to weather
    • Patented, ultra-low “NanoPower” communications protocol
    • Superior accuracy, dependability and extensibility
    • Universal platform for all traffic detection applications