Carmanah: SC315-G Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

MUTCD-compliant, pedestrian-activated warning beacon for uncontrolled marked crosswalks

  • Improve pedestrian safety by increasing driver yield rates
  • Passive activation: microwave-based sensor detects pedestrian
  • Audible push button station
  • Solar power performance even in partially shaded applications
  • Solar and AC-powered models wirelessly communicate and can be used together in the same application
  • Meets and exceeds MUTCD requirements, including IA-21

Top 3 reasons to choose the SC315-G RRFB:

  • Multiple solar panel and battery options allow for high performance, even in shaded locations.
  • Solar- and AC-powered versions available to provide a viable solution in any location.
  • Both solar and AC power options support passive activation sensors and audible pushbutton stations to increase user accessibility.