Carmanah: SpeedCheck® Advisory Speed Sign

15- and 18-inch intelligent radar-enabled advisory speed signs to alert drivers of an advised speed for a potential road hazard or condition.

  • Most recognized radar speed sign in the industry for 20+ years
  • Compact, lightweight design to simplify installation
  • Proven technology platform with lowest power consumption on the market
  • Meets and exceeds MUTCD requirements

Three advisory alerts options include:

  • STATIC SPEED + FLASHING DIGITS: The digital sign can display a static and preset advised speed at all times. With the radar-enabled feature, the display flashes the digits when drivers exceed the advised speed—the higher the speed, the faster it flashes.
  • STATIC SPEED + SLOW DOWN MESSAGE: The sign continuously displays the advised speed until a driver exceeds the preset limit. The display then alternates flashing the advised speed with a “slow down” message in 6-inch digits.
  • BLANK SPEED ADVISORY + SLOW DOWN MESSAGE: When no advisory speed has been established, a “slow down” alert message can boost the effectiveness of standard warning signs. Drivers approaching at a safe speed see only the static warning sign, but those driving too quickly will trigger the “slow down” message, which flashes at a quicker rate the faster they speed.