FLIR ITS-Series AID Camera

The FLIR ITS-Series AID offers long-range, 24/7 performance, regardless of weather conditions. FLIR ITS-Series AID provides critical information on traffic incidents and detects fires within seconds of ignition. FLIR ITS-Series AID can penetrate through smoke and provides a better view in case of fire compared to visible-light cameras.

  • Thermal cameras detect heat energy given off by everything in their field of view
  • By ignoring visible light, thermal cameras see through sun glare, darkness, headlights, wet streets, snow, smoke, and light fog
  • Thermal sensor is protected against continuous exposure to direct sunlight
  • Measures the temperature of all objects and surfaces within view, even through smoke
  • Detects early-stage fires more quickly than traditional fire detection systems
  • Intelligent fire detection algorithm considers multiple parameters—including size, dynamics, growth rate, and fire movement
  • No contact with flames or hot gasses required
  • Lenses ranging from 13 mm (90° × 69°) to 35 mm (17° × 14°)
  • Narrow FOV lenses detect traffic incidents over longer distances
  • All lenses and cameras are designed to withstand harsh climates
  • IP66 and IP67-rated