FLIR TrafiSense Dual Camera

FLIR TrafiSense2 Dual offers 24/7 imaging performance, regardless of weather conditions. Provides vehicle and bicycle presence detection and data collection. Detects hazards, such as wrong-way drivers or animals crossing roadway.

  • Detects traffic day or night
  • Won’t get confused by sun glare, headlights, shadows, wet streets, snow or light fog
  • Different lens options available for specific field of view needs
  • Detects vehicles and bicycles at the stop bar using up to 24 presence zones
  • Provides vehicle and bicycle counting, traffic data collection and traffic flow monitoring
  • Detects wrong-way drivers and animals entering the roadway
  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) daylight/low light camera
  • Provides visual verification and traffic monitoring
  • Equipped with an optical zoom and e-zoom