FLIR TrafiData Sensor

TrafiData collects valuable traffic data using thermal detection and Wi-Fi monitoring at the same time. TrafiData connects to the Acyclica cloud, where smart analytics transform data into meaningful traffic insights, and can also connect to 3rd party applications.

  • Anonymously track how road users move and calculate travel and delay times on roadways
  • Determine origin destination and turning movement counts
  • Collect vehicle class and measure traffic volume, speed, occupancy, headway and gap time
  • Monitor roadway performance 24/7
  • Connect seamlessly with 3rd party applications like FLIR Cameleon ITS software for managing VMS signs or other Command and Control applications
  • Integrate real-time data with various ATMS systems to trigger signal timing plans to reduce congestion based on actual conditions
  • Use map tile interface to integrate FLIR congestion mapping capabilities in your own GIS applications