FLIR TrafiOne Sensor

TrafiOne allows for more dynamic control of traffic signals 24/7. Secure wireless communication allows for quick and easy configuration of detection zones. TrafiOne information is processed using cloud-based data analysis.

  • Sees traffic in total darkness, through shadows and sun glare
  • Detects the presence of vehicles and bicyclists at the stopbar
  • Detects pedestrians and bicyclists in the crossing or on the curb
  • Connects to traffic signal controller via dry contact outputs or TCP/IP network communication
  • Monitors Mac addresses of Wi-Fi enabled devices, such as smartphones
  • Determines travel and route times along road segments
  • Measures queue delay times at intersections via Wi-Fi signal strength
  • FLIR ITS-IQ provides critical understanding or road network performance
  • Smart analytics transform information into useful traffic insights
  • User-friendly dashboard lets traffic engineers generate reports and take measures, when needed

TrafiSense Accessories

  • TI X-Stream EDGE Card +

    Connecting zone outputs from BPL sensor(s) to controller

    Routing power to BPL sensor

    Connecting (portable) PC to BPL sensor(s) for system configuration & viewing

  • Interface TI BPL2 +

    Connecting zone outputs from BPL2 sensors or Power Line (PL) sensors to controller

    Providing power to BPL2 or PL sensor

    Connecting PC to BPL2 or PL sensor(s) for system configuration & viewing

  • TrafiCam Sun Shield +

    The sunshield is an optional item to be ordered separately (part number 20-6091). It allows you to protect the lens from direct or indirect sunlight. This is typically the case for narrow angle systems having a fairly horizontal view.

    The sun shield also has a thermal function. As sunshine is captured by the shield, there is a natural circulation of cooler air between the sun shield and the TrafiCam housing, which results in a lower housing temperature.

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