FLIR: TrafiSense

Intelligent thermal sensor for vehicle presence detection, bike presence detection and counting.

TrafiSense is an above-ground system that avoids the enormous installation and maintenance costs of underground inductive loops. This makes TrafiSense as cost-effective as it is reliable, while also giving you all the benefits of thermal video detection.

    • Detect vehicles and bicycles at or near the stop bar
    • Transmit detection data over contact closures or TCP/IP
    • Dynamic traffic signal control
    • Adapt green times to road user type
    • Reduced idling time and improved traffic flow
    • Ideal for installation on urban roads, highways, and highway entries or exits
    • Detects across multiple lanes
    • Improves traffic safety
    • Records thermal video sequence of wrong-way driver
    • Detects bicycles and pedestrians at the crossing and the curb
    • Triggers warning signals to alert oncoming drivers

    TrafiSense Accessories

    • TI X-Stream EDGE Card +

      Connecting zone outputs from BPL sensor(s) to controller

      Routing power to BPL sensor

      Connecting (portable) PC to BPL sensor(s) for system configuration & viewing

    • Interface TI BPL2 +

      Connecting zone outputs from BPL2 sensors or Power Line (PL) sensors to controller

      Providing power to BPL2 or PL sensor

      Connecting PC to BPL2 or PL sensor(s) for system configuration & viewing

    • TrafiCam Sun Shield +

      The sunshield is an optional item to be ordered separately (part number 20-6091). It allows you to protect the lens from direct or indirect sunlight. This is typically the case for narrow angle systems having a fairly horizontal view.

      The sun shield also has a thermal function. As sunshine is captured by the shield, there is a natural circulation of cooler air between the sun shield and the TrafiCam housing, which results in a lower housing temperature.

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