FLIR TrafiSense2 V2X

TrafiSense2 V2X is an intelligent thermal sensor for vehicle, pedestrian, and bike detection. Integrated V2X technology allows simultaneous thermal detection and V2X message processing. Since the Trafisense2 V2X relies on thermal energy rather than light, it offers 24/7 traffic monitoring and can detect road users at night, through glare, and in harsh weather conditions.

  • Streamlined traffic signal priority for public transportation and emergency vehicles
  • Supports US Standard IEEE 802.11p and SAE J2735 Basic Safety Messages (BSM)
  • Easy-to-install detector using three-core signal cable for power and communications over powerlines for outputs and TCP/IP
  • Adapt green times according to specific road user type
  • Collect traffic volume, speed, occupancy, headway, gap time, and vehicle classification data
  • Detect waiting and crossing pedestrians
  • Fast, clear detection without the need for visible light
  • Intelligent presence detection, data collection, and wrong-way driver detection
  • Field-proven 24/7 monitoring

TrafiSense Accessories

  • TI X-Stream EDGE Card +

    Connecting zone outputs from BPL sensor(s) to controller

    Routing power to BPL sensor

    Connecting (portable) PC to BPL sensor(s) for system configuration & viewing

  • Interface TI BPL2 +

    Connecting zone outputs from BPL2 sensors or Power Line (PL) sensors to controller

    Providing power to BPL2 or PL sensor

    Connecting PC to BPL2 or PL sensor(s) for system configuration & viewing

  • TrafiCam Sun Shield +

    The sunshield is an optional item to be ordered separately (part number 20-6091). It allows you to protect the lens from direct or indirect sunlight. This is typically the case for narrow angle systems having a fairly horizontal view.

    The sun shield also has a thermal function. As sunshine is captured by the shield, there is a natural circulation of cooler air between the sun shield and the TrafiCam housing, which results in a lower housing temperature.

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