FLIR: TrafiCam - 2nd Generation

TrafiCam is a loop-replacing sensor for vehicle presence detection at intersections. Using video images, TrafiCam allows exact positioning and verification of the vehicle presence detection zones.

    TrafiCam 2nd Generation Accessories

    • 4TI – Interface Board for up to 4 TrafiCam +

      The 4TI serves as the interface between up to 4 cameras and the traffic light controller. The 4TI interface is placed in the controller cabinet and connects to the PC via ETHERNET or USB.

      TrafiCam PC Tool is the software to set up TrafiCam and 4TI which has 16 Outputs

      Note: The maximum total interconnection length between all the TrafiCam and the 4TI interface is 250m.

    • TrafiCam Sun Shield +

      The sunshield is an optional item to be ordered separately (part number 20-6091). It allows you to protect the lens from direct or indirect sunlight. This is typically the case for narrow angle systems having a fairly horizontal view.

      The sun shield also has a thermal function. As sunshine is captured by the shield, there is a natural circulation of cooler air between the sun shield and the TrafiCam housing, which results in a lower housing temperature.

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