Intelight MAXTIME: Traffic Controller Software

  • Remote Device Management: Centrally schedule software updates for all intersections without a TMS.
  • Open Standards: Publicly available MIBs promote interoperability with third parties and smart city applications.
  • Modern Web: Monitor and configure timings wirelessly from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone through modern web app
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Custom your user experience to see just the information pertinent to you for each intersection
  • User Management: Limit read/write permissions of individual controller programming and status menus to a set of users
  • Real-Time Analytics: View graphical signal performance analytic tools such as a split monitor, a cycle length plot, phase termination diagrams, coordination diagrams, etc., directly from the local signal controller.
  • On-Board Replay: Replay recent operation to troubleshoot a failure instantly
  • Change Tracking: Track all programming changes entered, including the date-time-stamp, the user name, the previous value, the changed value and a user comment to indicate the reason for the change.
  • CV Ready: Support for predictive Time to Next and Time to Red NTCIP objects for all phases and ped movements in free and coordinated operation, with confidence intervals, that provides direct integration with INTELIGHT’s MAXTIME cv firmware or other CV applications.