Intelight: X-3 Controller

The X-3 Controller is latest addition to Intelight’s award winning “X-Series” NEMA Controller Line.

    • Compliant with NEMA TS-2 and ATC 5.2b and 6.2 (latest draft) Standards
    • Linux Operating System
    • Optional Color Touch Screen with Android O/S (X3c)
    • Two Independent 10/100 Mbit Network Cards
    • TS-1 and/or TS-2 Operation (Requires Type 2)
    • Supports Serial and/or Ethernet Communications
    • ATC / 2070 Hardware Expansion Bay for Device Integration
    • MaxTime Local Controller Software
    • 40 Phases, 16 Rings, 32 Overlaps, 16 Preempts
    • Monitor and configure timings wirelessly from a laptop, tablet, or smart-phone without database editor or 3rd party software
    • Built-In Master/Closed Loop Functionality
    • Peer to Peer communications
    • Locally Adaptive Transit Prioritor