2018KCL & 2018KCLip

The model 2018KCL is configured with a removable Datakey memory device that contains all the monitor set-up information and completely eliminates the need for a diode Program Card, soldered jumpers and DIP switches.

The 2018KCL monitor provides 18 channels and is configured for operation with a 2070 Controller Unit. It provides all the features of the 2010ECL model as well as minimum flash capabilities for 2070 boot capability, and enhanced Clearance monitoring. The 2018KCL series monitor is compatible with 170, 179 and 2070 Controller Units and can operate in cabinets wired for conventional 16 channel operation. A Set-up wizard simplifies the programming of the enhanced parameters. This unit includes support for three modes of Flashing Yellow Arrow operation.

  • 2018KCLip:18 channel with Datakey and Ethernet Port
  • 2018KCL:18 channel with Datakey and EIA-232 Port

Monitor Accessories

  • EDI MonitorKey CMU Data Key +

    The EDI MonitorKey® CMU Data Key Programming Tool provides the programming interface between a Personal Computer and the Data Key used to store configuration parameters in the CMU-2212, CMU-212 and 2018KCL signal monitors.

    EDI MonitorKey CMU Data Key Datasheet
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