Sensys: MAG2/Grind Resistant (GR) Sensor

The new MAG2/GR sensor developed by Sensys Networks utilizes the next generation of RF chipsets and circuitry.

    • Superior accuracy
    • Exceptional reliability
    • Flush-mount in-pavement installation with no wires or lead-in cabling
    • Extremely long battery life
    • Advanced Magnetometer-Based Vehicle Detection

    Wireless Sensor Accessories

    • Epoxy Tube for Wireless Sensors +

      VSN-240-EPX-SOT is an easy to use, twocomponent, semi-self leveling sealant material with fast cure times, excellent chemical resistance, water impermeability, and adhesion to concrete.

      Thematerial can be applied in extreme temperaturesand is tack free within minutes allowing traffic lanesto be re-opened in less than an hour and reducingcost of lanes closures, traffic congestion, and traveltime delays.

      • LSMP450 - Sensys, Epoxy Tube for Wireless Sensors Installation
      • LSMT - Sensys, Epoxy Plastic Applicator Tip
      • LSEGUN - Sensys, Epoxy Applicator Gun

      Epoxy Tube for Wireless Sensors Datasheet
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